Toxicity With Age – Cleanse & Detox

Theory of Toxicity

Toxicity to the Mind & Body Increases as we Age. But it doesn’t need to…


How to Cleanse

Cleansing for Good Health and Good Vibes


A theory of toxicity with Age. Toxins accumulate as we age and as our brand new state deteriorates. Yet it doesn’t have to. Learn more about cleansing for a happy life. As a human we are organic, we have either evolved or been created in a certain way that fits with the ecosystem and circle of life in that we reside.  Subtle or in many cases big changes to our natural state cause subtle yet cascading effects. Although well known that toxicity can make us physically sick. Less well known is that toxins affect our brains, vibes, and general levels of well being too. The old saying of someone being toxic is usually true. Toxins affect our ability to think clearly, enhance frustrations and confusion, and are the significant cause of depression in today’s society… Fret not though as solutions are plentiful.

First Steps to Detox

The first step to improving vibe and ambiance from toxins is removing them. But toxins have unfortunately infiltrated every step of society and our planet. Though that doesn’t mean that we cannot be cautious and avoid the avoidable.

How the Body Removes Toxins

Herbs and sweating are generally the ideal way to get toxins out of the body. Toxins generally leave the body in toilet waste, sweat, or are stored in fat and organs.  The machine-like body is ingenious in its creation. The body does so much without us even realizing it. Part of this protection is dealing with Toxins. Toxins are dealt with in a few major ways. Ideally, the body eliminates them instantly and they leave the body in waste. The problem is many toxins are so toxic the body struggles to even do that and they cause damage even when on that route. Hence they are stored in fat or organs before being able to leave the body. The body can even create its own fat to store toxins and people wonder why they get fat on a calory starving diets comprised of processed foods.

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