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When more than 80% have 0 symptoms, then the other 20% are affected by an immune system problem.

Imprisonment/social isolation lowers immunity.

Sugar lowers immunity.

Face masks, cause bodily stress which, lowers immunity.

Alcohol/ethanol is toxic, so much so we use it to disinfect our hands. Alcohol lowers immunity.

Science shows many Medication/s affects immunity.

Processed foods lower immunity.

Science shows that radiation/s affects immunity. Basic stuff that has been known for a long time.

Stress, media-induced or otherwise, lowers immunity.

Science shows that vaccines are life-saving, but not when most are combined with Mercury or other preservatives to maximize profit.

Pollution and chemicals etc lowers immunity.

Your body is like a car. if you stress it, then it breaks & dies years earlier. This post is about the rationale. Matching things together. Real and commercial science is very different. The commercial is about proving a point. Real is about the real point. In these cases, good health is often the opposite of what we may have believed.

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